Stationary Storage Applications


The Endure™ battery combined with renewable power is a perfect match for off-grid use. It is ideal for desalination plants, mining pumps, irrigation systems and other agricultural applications. Remote communities and other off-grid sites benefit from a reliable and robust source of power.

Our stationary energy platform operates well in tropical and desert heat - it's robust enough to work in the harshest of conditions. 

Gelion zinc-bromide batteries provide stability when power outages could prove costly or catastrophic.

Why use diesel when our systems allow you to unlock the energy of the sun? Choose a cheaper, cleaner, and quieter energy solution.

Commercial & Industrial

Gelion battery systems are designed to scale up to power commercial and industrial enterprises.

Designed for repeated daily discharge, Endure™ helps avoid expensive peak-hour grid costs. The battery responds immediately to power-outages to keep your machines humming, while the heat-retardant nature removes dangers of fire, to ensure the safety of your people and property.

Improve power quality and build resilience into your business. The Endure™ battery helps optimise costs and minimise risks, giving you control of your power.

Industrial Light Towers

Lighting is vital to our society, from industry and commerce to public safety and roads. Reliable lighting is typically restricted to locations with access to the electricity grid. Gelion's Endure™ battery provides reliable energy where and when you need it off the grid. 

Our safe and scalable energy platform gives you flexibility for your industrial and temporary lighting needs.

Gelion's solutions are cost-effective for long-term stationary lighting and mobile lighting. 

Keep the lights on exactly when and where they’re needed.

Grid Services

The Gelion Endure™ battery is the grid operator’s adaptable multi-tool for maintaining a stable and reliable grid. It can respond to sub-second signals from grid operators and shift energy between times of high demand or high generation. An adaptable resource for the grid that can discharge to 0% daily, allowing maximum utilisation. 

Recyclable and non-toxic, Endure™ is a sustainable, safe and efficient storage solution to meet the fluctuating needs of the grid.

Solar & Wind

Gelion's Endure™ battery can safely manage the output of renewable energy farms while storing excess power for future use.

Our batteries are inherently fire retardant and their unique properties enable them to be discharged to 0% daily, even in extremely hot environments.

The Gelion Endure™ platform is a scalable and flexible buffer for renewable energy storage, allowing you to maximise your generation capacity, at low cost and with minimum complexity.

Take charge of your energy investment with Gelion Endure™.

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Mobile Storage

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Mobile Applications

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