Mobile Storage

Tomorrow’s transport systems will rely on mobile renewable energy.

Gelion is designing the next generation of ultra-high-energy density batteries to power cars, trucks, drones and aircraft. We are achieving this through special additives that boost performance of all lithium battery technologies.

Mobile Storage - electric cars

Market Overview

Electric cars will soon be everywhere. Bloomberg New Energy Finance says that by 2030 the electric vehicle market will reach US $7 trillion and US $46 trillion by 2050 (BNEF 2021).

Hybrid e-planes will arrive as early as 2026, making commercial short-haul flights and by 2040, investment bank UBS predicts the entire transport system will be close to fully decarbonised. This means massive, widespread uptake of new battery technology.

Today’s lithium batteries will not be able to satisfy the surge in power and energy demands.

Upgrading lithium with state-of-the-art nano-structured designer additives will dramatically boost performance, accelerating our transition to a sustainable, electric future.

Gelion will be at the centre of that transformation.
Gelion - Mobile Storage market overview

Battery type market share in transportation.
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Mobile Storage

Silicon Additive


Gelion is testing and validating special silicon-based additives for mobile energy platforms. Gelion aims to play a significant role in developing performance additives for mobile energy solutions.

We are boosting today’s standard to meet tomorrow’s need for sustainable, mobile energy solutions.


Passenger and Heavy vehicles

Electric buses and Trains

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Sulfur Additive


Gelion has achieved battery performance increases, at low cost, with the addition of sulfur-based materials to battery cathodes.

Our testing results show that the combination can increase energy output compared with today’s lithium batteries, while improving battery cycle-life five times.



Commercial Electric Aircraft

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Combined Silicon & Sulfur Additive

Lithium-Silicon-Sulfur (LSS)

Combining the benefits of sulfur and silicon materials in lithium batteries should result in a long-lasting, lightweight and ultra-dense energy cell.

This is the future of mobile energy.


Advanced lithium silicon-sulfur (LSS) applications

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Mobile Applications

Take a step into the future of transport and the lithium additives that underpin them.

Stationary Storage

Learn more about the way Gelion’s zinc-bromide non-flow battery transforms the safety, sustainability and performance of stationary energy storage solutions.

Stationary Applications

How Gelion’s Endure™ battery is the answer for the growing stationary energy storage market.

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