Mobile Storage Applications

Silicon Additive

Passenger and Heavy vehicles

Silicon-enhanced lithium batteries will provide a longer travel range and recharge much faster, helping to accelerate widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

Electric buses and Trains

The silicon-additive breakthrough will boost public access to renewable mass transit. As uptake increases, production costs will drop as will carbon emissions, delivering massive wins for the economy and the environment - and taking us one step closer to a sustainable future.

Sulfur Additive


Mobile energy solutions will be needed to power drones for remote sensing, warehouse and inventory management, and applications in the delivery, agriculture and mining sectors. The huge energy density improvements from our lithium-sulfur additives will unlock longer range flights for drones in commercial applications.

Commercial Electric Aircraft

The massively improved energy output means short-range flights in hybrid e-planes now become achievable. Air travel is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, making this technology essential.

As access to cheap renewable energy increases, electric flight routes will rise over into the next decade, enabled by next-generation technologies such as lithium-sulfur batteries.

Lithium-silicon-sulfur Additive

Advanced Lithium Silicon-Sulfur (LSS) Applications

The power of Gelion’s combined additives will provide ultra-high-energy output from a longlife battery with rapid recharge capabilities.

LSS additive systems will enhance future battery-powered devices, taking existing transportation applications to unprecedented levels of performance and unlocking pathways to new uses not yet imagined.

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