Gelion’s new battery technology represents a breakthrough in energy storage chemistry.

To explain the economic and environmental advantages our batteries offer, we’ve created a suite of short videos. Explore the content below to discover the potential.


Enduring Extremes

Gelion Heat Test

Gelion Heat Test See how resilient our battery is after 30 minutes of inferno temperatures?

Gelion Penetration Test

Batteries become hazardous when ruptured. Our’s took a bullet and was safe. See how.

Battery 101

Battery 101

See how we’ve reimagined renewable energy storage.

Lead Acid

Sustainable battery manufacturing for a cleaner future.


How Gelion are improving the world’s best batteries.

Zinc Bromide Advantages

How Gelion’s battery outperforms the best in the market.


Boosting battery capacity to meet tomorrow’s needs.

Our People

Meet our world-class team, who are leading the charge to a sustainable future.



Discover the latest Gelion technology breakthroughs and events.


Contact us

Looking to join our team? Or become a partner? Simply reach out to our friendly staff.

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