AIM Rule 26

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  • Gelion plc is quoted on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market, ticker symbol GELN.
  • Shares in Gelion plc are not traded on any exchanges or trading platforms other than the AIM market.
  • Gelion plc is incorporated under the laws of England and Wales (Company Number 09796512) with its registered office at c/o Armstrong, Level 4, LDN:W, 3 Noble Street London United Kingdom EC2V 7EE.
  • Gelion plc wholly owns Gelion Technologies Pty Ltd, which operates in Australia and OXLiD Ltd, which operates in the UK.
  • There are currently no restrictions on the transfer of securities.

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Page last updated 4 Mar 2024.

Mobile Storage

Discover the leading-edge performance additives powering tomorrow’s transport.

Stationary Storage

How Gelion’s Zync Hybrid battery is the answer for the growing stationary energy storage market.


By designing and delivering innovative battery technology, Gelion is focused on the successful transition to a sustainable economy.

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