Gelion appoints new CEO to commercialise its breakthrough battery technology

Oct 19, 2020

Gelion is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Andrew Grimes to the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Gelion is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Andrew Grimes to the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The timing of the appointment aligns with Gelion entering the market to validate its revolutionary Zinc-Bromide non-flow battery technology in-field during 2021.

“We feel very fortunate to have secured Andrew for the role of CEO at Gelion during such an exciting phase in the company’s growth path.” Founding Director and Executive Chairman Professor Thomas Maschmeyer said. “With Gelion delivering its Endure battery product to its first customer, the University of Sydney, Andrew’s manufacturing experience is extremely valuable going forward.”

Andrew is a trained Chemical Engineer with over 25 years’ experience in both technical and commercial roles. His early career was with large listed multinational companies including Shell, Nuplex and ICI, while more recently he was group CEO of Callington Haven, a speciality chemical company supplying products to the aviation industry. Under Andrew’s leadership, Callington grew from a small Sydney based organisation to a multinational company with a direct presence in eight countries and a dominant global market share in its key markets.
Andrew has lived and worked for several years in Asia and in Europe. He established and led companies in Asia, MENA, Europe and North America and led acquisitions in ANZ, Asia and Europe.

“For wide-scale adoption of renewable energy, the ability to manufacture safe, affordable and reliable batteries at scale is critical.” said Mr Grimes. “Gelion’s breakthrough Zinc-Bromide non-flow technology is a promising alternative to lead-acid and lithium ion batteries in stationary energy storage applications, a market expected to grow from 20 GWh in 2019 to 158 GWh by 2024.”

Alongside his extensive technical and commercial experience, Andrew is about to complete a Masters of Sustainability at the University of Sydney and has a deep understanding of the renewables sector.

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