Australia’s former Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel on Gelion’s battery potential

Aug 11, 2021

Read a recent speech delivered by Dr Finkel to the Agriculture Industries Energy Taskforce, where he highlight's Gelion's zinc-bromide battery technology.

Our focus is on commercial energy storage solutions that contribute to human wellbeing, provide power for the world economy and protect the planet.

We were very pleased to see that message picked up by Dr Alan Finkel, Australia’s former Chief Scientist.

Dr Finkel is now the Australian Government’s Special Adviser on Low-Emissions Technology.

On 14 July he delivered a speech to the Agriculture Industries Energy Taskforce, highlighting “the zinc-bromide batteries being pioneered by Australian company, Gelion, to support solar powered irrigation systems”.

The Gelion Endure battery is ideally suited for off-grid applications in the agriculture sector, whether that is running irrigation pumps,  purifying bore water or powering farm equipment. Given that Endure can be completely discharged with no loss of function and, unlike competitors, tolerates high temperatures, the battery works well in off-grid capacity for a range of industries.

Stay tuned for updates on our in-field trials coming soon.

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