Gelion signs MoU with Mayur Renewables to target 100 MWh clean energy storage for PNG

Nov 10, 2021

MoU agreement to provide Mayur with revolutionary zinc-bromide batteries

Australian-UK energy storage innovator Gelion has signed a memorandum of understanding with Mayur Renewables, a division of Australian Stock Exchange-listed company Mayur Resources, to supply the company with Gelion’s safe, affordable and scalable non-flow zinc-bromide battery technology.

Mayur Resources is a strategic supplier of resources and energy for Papua New Guinea, where it has operated for eight years.

“This is an important milestone for Gelion as we take our battery technology into full commercialisation,” said Gelion CEO Andrew Grimes.

“The heat-resistant Endure battery is ideal for conditions in PNG and we look forward to supplying Mayur with energy storage capability to support and boost their operations.”

MoU agreement to provide Mayur with revolutionary zinc-bromide batteries

With successful offtake, Mayur will also act as sales agent for Gelion in the PNG market.

Mayur Managing Director Paul Mulder said Gelion was an international battery technology pioneer that supports Mayur’s nation-building vision for PNG.

“It’s fantastic to get in on the ground floor with Gelion, which has the technology and lower-installed cost to enable Mayur to increase renewable energy penetration at a faster rate than with existing technologies,” Mr Mulder said.

“Only 13% of PNG is electrified. Most of the current power generation capacity relies on diesel or heavy fuel oil, which is not sustainable in today’s energy market.

“Gelion’s robust and scalable zinc-bromide Endure batteries, coupled with large-scale solar energy could provide remote PNG communities with an affordable, renewable and robust solution for their energy needs, supporting the PNG Government’s commitment to achieve 70% electrification by 2030,” Mr Mulder said.

The MoU is for the provision of an initial 100 megawatt hours of energy storage from 2022 to 2027.


  • Gelion Endure™ are low-cost, renewable energy batteries, well-suited for harsh, off-grid environments. They can be discharged to zero volts without impacting performance.
  • The batteries use patented non-flow zinc-bromide chemistry, making them smaller and more agile than more cumbersome flow battery technology.
  • Gelion’s batteries are more energy dense and last longer than traditional lead-acid batteries and offer a safe and recyclable alternative to lithium-ion batteries for stationary storage.
  • The batteries can operate at temperatures up to 50 degrees without the need for air-conditioning systems.
  • The batteries are composed of low-cost and abundant raw materials, which are resilient to geographical and supply-chain restrictions.


Mayur Renewables is focused on the development of renewable energy projects in PNG that support the government’s plans for 70% electrification by 2030 and support the company’s plans to be Asia’s first net-zero carbon lime and cement producer.

DOWNLOAD Gelion’s press kit at this link.


Marcus Strom | Gelion Corporate Communications | + 61 423 982 485


Gelion is a global renewable-energy storage innovator. By designing safe, cost-effective, long-life and recyclable batteries for stationary and mobile energy, we support the transition to a sustainable economy while delivering value for customers and investors.

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Mayur Resources is committed to the development of economic growth and Nation Building of Papua New Guinea, creating pathways to local and national prosperity. Mayur’s strategy is to build and develop a diversified portfolio of resources and energy opportunities that provide a blueprint for sustainable living, providing cheap reliable energy, better infrastructure through our domestic cement and lime project and employment opportunities for the local job market.

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